Rose Ann Doyle (Business Development Manager)
Rose Ann has been with the Network since November 2000; her principle duties are to manage and supervise staff, research and oversee staff and volunteer training requirements, set-up and manage effective office systems, manage Financial Accounting Systems which include ensuring that Annual Accounts meet with statutory requirements by completing Annual Tax Returns and Annual Returns for Companies House. Rose Ann also maintains effective budget streams which ensure that the Network is fiscally sound; she also builds IT Carer profiling reports with the assistance of her very efficient staff and develops and maintains a performance reporting framework for South Lanarkshire Council. The above is a taste of her duties as being a busy organisation Rose Ann’s working day can change on something simple as a phone call.
Jo McIntyre (Carer Resource Development Officer)
Jo McIntyre is the Carer Resource Development Officer, she has been with the Network since 2012; and supports our Carer representatives who attend the Reshaping Care for Older People work stream groups. Her role includes providing information about Carers’ issues and assisting our representatives to prepare, contribute and feedback from these groups. Jo also links with staff in the Integrated Community Support Teams to ensure that Carers are signposted and referred appropriately and undertakes activities to raise awareness of Reshaping Care for Older People, Carers and their experiences. Jo has also been a Carer herself for over 7 years and has had over 25 years in the nursing profession.
Pauline McIntosh (Carer Development Officer)
Pauline is delighted to introduce herself as part of the SLCN team. She has been with the Network since August 2014. She works in the community primarily in GP practices delivering Carer Awareness sessions to primary care professionals; highlight the needs of Carers and Young Carers also promoting the benefits of the GP Carers Register. Having identified Carers, she meets with them on a one to one basis to look at ways of assisting them and providing information on services which will enable them to continue in their caring role. This would include making referrals for the carers to the services they require, e.g. South Lanarkshire Council, NHS Lanarkshire and other voluntary organisations, whilst keeping in touch throughout the process. She acts as a link with the co-odinator for Carers based within Wishaw General, Monklands Hospital and Hairmyres Hospital.
Jade Jarvie (Admin Officer)
Jade began her role on 2nd April 2013. Jades tasks include updating the member’s database, taking minutes, putting our clients through to the correct person and any other office duties required.
Joyce Brownlie (Carer Resource Information Officer)
Joyce Brownlie is the Carer Resource Information Officer. She records on the database, Carers’ issues from phone calls, events, meetings and signposts Carers to the services they need. Joyce facilitates the Network’s business meetings, ensuring everyone has the times, dates and venues, appropriate papers and takes minutes of these meetings. She helps to organise events run by the Network e.g. roadshows and conferences. Part of the information role includes compilation and distribution of the quarterly Carers’ Newsletter and development and maintenance of the Network’s website. Joyce’s post links with the Carer Resource Development Officer.
Helen Lawrie (Carer Development Officer)
Work within GP practices, promoting the benefits of the GP Carers Register. Ensure GP practices have a wide range of NHS Carer Information Packs, GP Carers Registration Forms and Carer Support Team contact details. Work within GP practices delivering Carer Awareness sessions to primary care professionals, highlighting the needs of Carers and Young Carers. Work directly with GP practices, providing a range of opportunities, identifying, signposting and referring Carers and Young Carers to services. Make appropriate referrals on behalf of Carers and Young carers. Act as a link with the Co-ordinator for Carers based within Wishaw General, Monklands and Hairmyres Hospitals.